Lichen Taxon Dictionary

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Count Name Authority Is Current Name? Current Taxon Name Synonyms BLS Number Comments Conservation Evaluation Group Account & Map
121 Acrocordia gemmata (Ach.) A. Massal. (1854) Yes Acrocordia gemmata Arthopyrenia alba; Arthopyrenia gemmata 34 LC L* Acrocordia gemmata
122 Acrocordia macrospora A. Massal. (1855) Yes Acrocordia macrospora 35 LC NS Acrocordia macrospora
123 Acrocordia monensis Wheldon No Collemopsidium monense 86 LC NS
124 Acrocordia salweii (Leight. ex Nyl.) A.L. Sm. [orth. error] No Acrocordia salweyi 36 LC
125 Acrocordia salweyi (Leight. ex Nyl.) A.L. Sm. (1911) Yes Acrocordia salweyi Arthopyrenia salweyi 36 LC Acrocordia salweyi
126 Acrocordia subglobosa (Vězda) Poelt & Vězda (1977) Yes Acrocordia subglobosa 2437 DD NR Sc Acrocordia subglobosa
127 Actinocladium rhodosporum Ehrenb. (1819) Yes Actinocladium rhodosporum 2872 facultatively lichenicolous NE LF
128 Actinopeltis peltigericola D. Hawksw. (1982) No Lichenopeltella peltigericola 2099 NE NR LF
129 Adelococcus alpestris (Zopf) Theiss. & Syd. (1918) Yes Adelococcus alpestris 777 lichenicolous on Acarospora glaucocarpa NE NR LF Adelococcus alpestris
130 Adelococcus cladoniae (Anzi) Keissl. No Roselliniella cladoniae 2187 NE NR LF
131 Adelococcus groedensis auct. brit. p.p. No Peridothelia fuliguncta Peridiothelia fuliguncta (Norman) D. Hawksw. F
132 Adelococcus groedensis auct. brit. p.p. No Roselliniella atlantica 2186 NE NR LF
133 Adelococcus interlatens (Arnold) Matzer & Hafellner (1990) Yes Adelococcus interlatens 2368 lichenicolous on Hymenelia prevostii NE NR LF Adelococcus interlatens
134 Adelococcus nephromatis (P. Crouan) D. Hawksw. (1975) No Roselliniella nephromatis 2189 NE NR LF
135 Adelococcus nephromicola Dughi (1933) No Roselliniella nephromatis 2189 NE NR LF
136 Adelolechia pilati var. pachythallina Fryday ad int. No Adelolechia pilati subsp. pachythallina unpublished name
137 Adelolecia pilati (Hepp) Hertel & Hafellner (1984) Yes Adelolecia pilati Lecidea pilati 762 DD NR Sc Adelolecia pilati
138 Adelolecia pilati subsp. pachythallina Fryday & Coppins ad int. No Adelolecia pilati subsp. pachythallina unpublished name; the no. 2572 has been used for this entity NE
139 Agaricus cespitosus Bolton (1788) No Lichenomphalia ericetorum 931 LC
140 Agaricus ericetorum Pers. (1796) No Lichenomphalia ericetorum 931 LC
141 Agaricus pseudoandrosaceus Bull. (1786) No Lichenomphalia ericetorum 931 LC
142 Agonimia allobata (Stizenb.) P. James (1992) Yes Agonimia allobata Polyblastia allobata 1149 LC NS Agonimia allobata
143 Agonimia flabelliformis J. Halda, Czarnota & Guz.-Krzemiń. (2011) Yes Agonimia flabelliformis 2588 NE NR Agonimia flabelliformis
144 Agonimia gelatinosa (Ach.) M. Brand & Diederich (1999) Yes Agonimia gelatinosa Polyblastia gelatinosa 1155 mainly in montane and submontane habitats; records elsewhere mainly refer to A. globulifera LC NS Agonimia gelatinosa
145 Agonimia globulifera M. Brand & Diederich (1999) Yes Agonimia globulifera Polyblastia gelatinosa auct. p.p. 26 LC NS Agonimia globulifera
146 Agonimia octospora Coppins & P. James (1978) Yes Agonimia octospora 37 NT NS Sc L IR Agonimia octospora
147 Agonimia opuntiella (Buschardt & Poelt) Vězda (1997) Yes Agonimia opuntiella 2449 DD NR Agonimia opuntiella
148 Agonimia repleta Czarnota & Coppins (2000) Yes Agonimia repleta 23 DD NR Agonimia repleta
149 Agonimia tristicula (Nyl.) Zahlbr. (1909) Yes Agonimia tristicula Polyblastia tristicula 38 LC Agonimia tristicula
150 Agyrium albescens Grev. in sched. No Scoliciosporum pruinosum 1321 LC