Lichenicolous fungi

There’s growing interest in fungi that grow on lichens.

  • Learn how to start studying lichenicolous fungi here.
  • Most lichenicolous fungi require microscope work to identify them and access to scientific literature.
  • These resources offer some first steps in approachable language as well as directing the reader to more detailed literature.
Studying lichenicolous fungi
  • What are lichenicolous fungi?
  • What features can they have?
  • How can I study them?

Introduction to Lichenicolous Fungi – Fay Newbery

How to study Lichenicolous Fungi – Mark Powell

Lichenicolous Fungi on Xanthoria parietina

Explore some fungi that grow on the common Xanthoria parietina.

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Host keys

Use keys to identify fungi growing on specific lichens.

Ophioparma ventosa

Xanthoria parietina

Xanthoria species

Some downloadable descriptions of lichenicolous fungi species in approachable language.

No formal courses on lichenicolous fungi are offered in the UK at the moment. A Zoom-based chat group ran until the end of February 2022.