About lichens

The British Lichen Society provides these online learning opportunities, to do in your own time or to meet up virtually.

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A lichen is not a single organism; it is a stable symbiotic association between a fungus and algae and/or cyanobacteria.

Learn where lichens can live, what they need to survive, how they reproduce and what substances are found within lichens.

Learn about the main forms lichens take: Leprose, Crustose, Placodioid, Squamulose, Foliose, Fruticose and combinations of these!

Learn what factors determine where lichens can grow such as acidity or tree bark and pollution levels.

Learn the words we use to describe the lichen symbiosis, growth forms, substrata, position, recording and identification.

For a full glossary of all lichen terms, please consult this PDF.