Species and Maps

Distribution maps for all the British species of lichens and lichenicolous fungi are available here. These are more up to date and accurate than those on the NBN Atlas. We are gradually building these pages up into species accounts, with text and photos to aid identification, and will continue to work on this over the coming months. See, for example, the account for Ricasolia virens (formerly Lobaria virens.). More technical accounts for many species can be found on the Fungi of Great Britain and Ireland website and in the Lichens of Great Britain and Ireland (LGBI3) PDFs. Taxonomy changes: If the search here does not work, please look for it in the taxon dictionary and click through from there. More info: Species descriptions for some of our more common lichens and lichenicolous fungi that grow on some lichens. To view an account or distribution map, select from this alphabetic index:

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