Lichen Taxon Dictionary

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Count Name Authority Is Current Name? Current Taxon Name Synonyms BLS Number Comments Conservation Evaluation Group Account & Map
1 Abrothallus bertianus De Not. (1849) Yes Abrothallus bertianus Abrothallus glabratulae 2001 lichenicolous on Melanelixia glabratula LC NS LF Abrothallus bertianus
2 Abrothallus caerulescens I. Kotte (1909) Yes Abrothallus caerulescens 12 lichenicolous on Xanthoparmelia LC NR LF Abrothallus caerulescens
3 Abrothallus cetrariae I. Kotte (1909) Yes Abrothallus cetrariae 2002 lichenicolous on Platismatia glauca. Sometimes considered synonymous with Abrothallus parmeliarum LC NR LF Abrothallus cetrariae
4 Abrothallus cladoniae R. Sant. & D. Hawksw. (1990) Yes Abrothallus cladoniae 2003 Lichenicolous on Cladonia LC NR LF Abrothallus cladoniae
5 Abrothallus glabratulae I. Kotte (1909) No Abrothallus bertianus 2001 LC NS LF
6 Abrothallus lobariae (Diederich & Etayo) Diederich & Ertz (2018) Yes Abrothallus lobariae Phoma lobariae 1984 lichenicolous on Lobaria pulmonaria. Known only as 'Phoma' anamorph NE NR LF Abrothallus lobariae
7 Abrothallus lobariellus (Nyl.) Zopf (1896) No Sclerococcum lobariellum 2046 LC NS LF
8 Abrothallus microspermus Tul. (1852) Yes Abrothallus microspermus Vouauxiomyces truncatus (anamorph) 4 Lichenicolous on Flavoparmelia. Abrothallus parmotrematis often considered a synonym LC NS LF Abrothallus microspermus
9 Abrothallus moorei Linds. (1867) No ? Bachmanniomyces (Phaeopyxis) punctum LF
10 Abrothallus parmeliarum (Sommerf.) Arnold (1874) Yes Abrothallus parmeliarum 2004 Lichenicolous on Parmelia s. str. LC NS LF Abrothallus parmeliarum
11 Abrothallus parmotrematis Diederich (2011) Yes Abrothallus parmotrematis Vouauxiomyces truncatus auct. brit. p.p. (anamorph) 2633 Lichenicolous on Parmotrema spp. Often considered synonymous with Abrothallus microspermus LC NS LF Abrothallus parmotrematis
12 Abrothallus prodiens (Harm.) Diederich & Hafellner (1989) Yes Abrothallus prodiens 2005 Lichenicolous on Hypogymnia physodes LC NS LF Abrothallus prodiens
13 Abrothallus smithii Tul. No Abrothallus parmeliarum 2004 LC NS LF
14 Abrothallus suecicus (Kirschst.) Nordin (1964) Yes Abrothallus suecicus Vouauxiomyces ramalinae (anamorph) 2006 Lichenicolous on Ramalina spp., esp. R. farinacea LC NR LF Abrothallus suecicus
15 Abrothallus usneae Rabenh. (1861) Yes Abrothallus usneae 2007 Lichenicolous on Usnea LC NS LF Abrothallus usneae
16 Abrothallus welwitschii Mont. ex Tul. (1852) Yes Abrothallus welwitschii 2008 Lichenicolous on Sticta LC NS LF Abrothallus welwitschii
17 Absconditella annexa (Arnold) Vězda (1965) Yes Absconditella annexa 765 LC NR Sc Absconditella annexa
18 Absconditella celata Döbbeler & Poelt (1977) Yes Absconditella celata 1 LC NR Absconditella celata
19 Absconditella delutula (Nyl.) Coppins & H. Kilias (1977) Yes Absconditella delutula Absconditella modesta; Catillaria delutula 2 LC NS Absconditella delutula
20 Absconditella lignicola Vězda & Pišút (1985) [1984] Yes Absconditella lignicola 1203 LC NR Absconditella lignicola
21 Absconditella modesta (Hegetschw. ex Stizenb.) Vězda (1966) No Absconditella delutula 2 LC NS
22 Absconditella pauxilla Vězda & Vivant (1975) Yes Absconditella pauxilla 1738 LC NR Sc Absconditella pauxilla
23 Absconditella sphagnorum Vězda & Poelt (1965) Yes Absconditella sphagnorum 3 NT NR Sc Absconditella sphagnorum
24 Absconditella trivialis (Willey ex Tuck.) Vězda (1965) Yes Absconditella trivialis 1652 LC NR Absconditella trivialis
25 Acarospora admissa (Nyl.) Kullh. (1871) Yes Acarospora admissa Acarospora durietzii 15 DD NR
26 Acarospora admissa auct. brit. p.p. No Acarospora badiofusca 6 name or specific epithet valid but has been misused in the past NT NR Sc
27 Acarospora admissa auct. brit. p.p. No Acarospora impressula 5 name or specific epithet valid but has been misused in the past LC
28 Acarospora admissa auct. brit. p.p. No Acarospora veronensis 30 name or specific epithet valid but has been misused in the past LC NS Acarospora admissa
29 Acarospora aequatula H. Magn. No Acarospora 18 ? Acarospora nitrophila. British specimens need to be reassessed
30 Acarospora amphibola auct. p.p. No Myriospora rhagadiza 2455 NE NR