Lichen Taxon Dictionary

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Count Name Authority Is Current Name? Current Taxon Name Synonyms BLS Number Comments Conservation Evaluation Group Account & Map
211 Alyxoria mougeotii (A. Massal.) Ertz, Frisch & G. Thor (2014) Yes Alyxoria mougeotii Opegrapha mougeotii 952 LC NS Alyxoria mougeotii
212 Alyxoria notha (Ach.) Gray (1821) No Alyxoria varia 964 LC
213 Alyxoria ochrocheila (Nyl.) Ertz & Tehler (2011) Yes Alyxoria ochrocheila Opegrapha atricolor; Opegrapha ochrocheila 954 LC Alyxoria ochrocheila
214 Alyxoria paraxanthodes (Nyl.) Ertz & Coppins (2021) Yes Alyxoria paraxanthodes Opegrapha paraxanthodes 955 NT NR P Sc Alyxoria paraxanthodes
215 Alyxoria subelevata (Nyl.) Ertz & Tehler (2011) Yes Alyxoria subelevata Opegrapha subelevata 963 EN D NR P Eng Alyxoria subelevata
216 Alyxoria varia (Pers.) Ertz & Tehler (2011) Yes Alyxoria varia Opegrapha lichenoides; Opegrapha pulicaris; Opegrapha rimalis; Opegrapha varia 964 LC Alyxoria varia
217 Alyxoria viridipruinosa (Coppins & Yahr) Ertz (2012) Yes Alyxoria viridipruinosa Opegrapha viridipruinosa 2441 LC NS Alyxoria viridipruinosa
218 Alyxoria xerica (Torrente & Egea) Van Haluwyn & Cl. Roux (2020) Yes Alyxoria xerica Opegrapha xerica 1722 LC NS Alyxoria xerica
219 Amandinea coniops (Wahlenb.) M. Choisy ex Scheid. & H. Mayrhofer (1993) Yes Amandinea coniops Buellia coniops 203 LC NS Amandinea coniops
220 Amandinea lecideina (H. Mayrhofer & Poelt) Scheid. & H. Mayrhofer (1993) No Amandinea pelidna 1292 LC ?NS
221 Amandinea pelidna (Ach.) Fryday & Arcadia (2012) Yes Amandinea pelidna Amandinea lecideina Rinodina lecideina 1292 Often confused with A. punctata LC Amandinea pelidna
222 Amandinea punctata (Hoffm.) Coppins & Scheid. (1993) Yes Amandinea punctata Buellia punctata 212 Many saxicolous occurrences will refer to A. lecideina LC Amandinea punctata
223 Ameliella andreaeicola Fryday & Coppins (2008) Yes Ameliella andreaeicola 150 NT NR Ameliella andreaeicola
224 Ameliella grisea Fryday & Coppins (2008) Yes Ameliella grisea 52 NT NR Ameliella grisea
225 Amphiloma lanuginosum Nyl. No Lepraria membranacea 1603 LC
226 Amundsenia approximata (Lynge) Søchting, Arup & Frödén (2014) No Caloplaca approximata 1591 NT NR Sc
227 Amygdalaria consentiens (Nyl.) Hertel, Brodo & May. Inoue (1984) Yes Amygdalaria consentiens Huilia consentiensLecidea consentiens 563 LC NS Amygdalaria consentiens
228 Amygdalaria pelobotryon (Wahlenb.) Norman (1853) Yes Amygdalaria pelobotryon Lecidea pelobotrya
Lecanora pelobotrya
44 LC Amygdalaria pelobotryon
229 Anaptychia aquila (Ach.) A. Massal. (1853) No Anaptychia runcinata 47 LC
230 Anaptychia ciliaris (L.) Körb. ex A. Massal. (1853) Yes Anaptychia ciliaris 45 EN A2 NS P Eng Wa Anaptychia ciliaris subsp. ciliaris
231 Anaptychia ciliaris subsp. mamillata (Taylor) D. Hawksw. & P. James (1980) No Anaptychia mamillata Anaptychia ciliaris f. melanostictaAnaptychia melanostictaAnaptuchia mamillata 46 NT NS
232 Anaptychia fusca (Huds.) Vain. No Anaptychia runcinata 47 LC
233 Anaptychia fusca var. caesiopruinosa (Lamy) Zahlbr. No Anaptychia runcinata 47 LC
234 Anaptychia intricata (DC.) A. Massal. (1853) No Tornabea scutellifera 1430 Ex
235 Anaptychia leucomelaena (L.) A. Massal. No Heterodermia leucomelos 558 EN C2 NR P Eng Wa S8 IR
236 Anaptychia mamillata (Taylor) D. Hawksw. (1973) Yes Anaptychia mamillata Anaptychia ciliaris f. melanosticta;Anaptychia cilaris subsp. mamillata; Anaptychia melanosticta 46 NT NS Anaptychia mamillata
237 Anaptychia melanosticta (Ach.) Trass (1969) No Anaptychia mamillata 46 NT NS
238 Anaptychia obscurata (Nyl.) Vain. No Heterodermia obscurata 560
239 Anaptychia runcinata (With.) J.R. Laundon (1984) Yes Anaptychia runcinata Anaptychia fusca; Kurokawia runcinata; Pseudophyscia fusca 47 LC Anaptychia runcinata
240 Anaptychia sorediifera auct. brit. No Heterodermia obscurata 560