Abrothallus cladoniae


Abrothallus cladoniae

R. Sant. & D. Hawksw. (1990)
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Lichenicolous on Cladonia
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Lichenicolous on Cladonia species, with apothecia 125‒375 μm in diameter, black, matt, sometimes with distinct green pruina. Epithecium medium to dark greenish to olive, K–, Hymenium 30‒40 μm tall (including epihymenium), light to medium greenish olive brown, sometimes with purple stripes, or medium purplish brown, with the purple pigment K+ green. Spores one septate, constricted at the septum, quite often splitting into semi-spores, even within the asci, 7–11 × 2.5–4.5 μm μm (Zhurbenko & Pino-bodas, 2017).


On Cladonia species and recorded from Cladonia arbuscula, C. ciliata, C. norvegica, C. polydactyla, C. portentosa, and C. scabriuscula in Britain

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Very few records and appears rare.


Zhurbenko, M. P., & Pino-bodas, R. (2017) A revision of lichenicolous fungi growing on Cladonia, mainly from the Northern Hemisphere, with a worldwide key to the known species. Opuscula Philolichenum 16: 188–266 link

Text by Neil A Sanderson based on Zhurbenko & Pino-bodas (2017)