Abrothallus welwitschii


Abrothallus welwitschii

Mont. ex Tul. (1852)
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Lichenicolous on Sticta
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General Description

Lichenicolous on Sticta, especially Sticta fuliginosa s. lat. (mainly Sticta ciliata and Sticta fuliginosa s. str.) but also recorded from Sticta limbata and Sticta sylvatica. The green pruinose apothecia on the thallus of Sticta species are distinctive.


The green pruinose apothecia on the thallus of Sticta species are distinctive. Apothecia arthonioid with brown one septate ascospores 15 – 17 x 6 – 8 µm. See Fungi of Great Britain and Ireland


Occurs sparingly in sites with large populations of its host, normally in large well preserved oceanic woods.

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Widespread in Western Highlands, Scotland in temperate rainforests, rare and scattered beyond in western Ireland, western Wales and south west England.

Threats & Status

Threat status not assessed but listed as Notable by Sanderson et al (2018)

Britain: Notable


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