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Date: Thu, 20/09/2012

This beautifully illustrated book by Sandy & Brian Coppins was published by the Atlantic Hazel Action Group in March 2012 (ISBN 978-0-9572034-0-2).

Date: Tue, 07/08/2012

On Tue 14 August at 09.00 and repeated at 21.30 - BBC Radio 4's The Life Scientific features Pat Wolseley discussing her work with lichens, including the OPAL project. Contributions also from  Begona Aguirre-Hudson, Peter Crittenden, and girls from La Sainte Union School, Camden.


Date: Thu, 03/05/2012

Janet Simkin, BLS Database manager, has released a new version (6.0) of the General Recording spreadsheet. You can download it from the Recording and Mapping Downloads page.



Date: Sun, 26/02/2012

The law in the UK on carrying knives has been tightened in recent years and the police have increased their vigilance in response to recent well-publicized instances of serious crime involving these weapons.The  BLS has issued revised guidance on this issue to provide clarification to members concerned  over the possible illegality of carrying knives to collect samples in the field.