BLS Website Updated

Our website has had an upgrade! Thanks very much to the website committee for all their work on this - and the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) for hosting us.

We have hopefully improved the look and feel of the website, particularly on mobile. Do let us know if there is anything that does not work - tell Chris on with a screenshot if necessary.

Most of the website pages should work exactly the same as before. Some have got a slightly different interface, such as the species accounts and maps entry point where you need to search for a species rather than select from a huge dropdown.

The changes are mainly an upgrade to the Drupal hosting platform and a move to a new server in the cloud, with most of the content remaining the same for now. Using cloud hosting means that we'll be able to keep online more reliably. There are behind the scenes improvements too, such as better sharing on social media.

There are more events listed as local groups get more active again and some online events continue over the summer.  Various BLS volunteers are gradually updating the content of the website, so there will be a more changes to come.  We would still love to have help eg with more species descriptions - please do get in touch.