International Association of Lichenology meeting travel award

The International Association of Lichenology 9 meeting is all online this summer - from August 1st to 6th 2021 - meaning many people from around the world will be able to attend. Registration fees do apply for all attendees, and the British Lichen Society and the IAL are generously sponsoring a number of awards to help defray these costs for those who wish to apply.  You will need to be a member of either or both of the societies to be awarded a grant. Please find the link here to apply for an award to cover your registration.
Please note:
•    This award is only for current International Association of Lichenology and/or British Lichen Society members who wish to receive support to attend the 2021 IAL online meeting. 
•    This application form is open from 17 March until 15 April 2021.
•    The award will consist of free registration for IAL9. 
Please note you do NOT need to re-apply if you applied already. Please note that you do not necessarily have to present (poster/talk) at the conference to receive an award. However, in case we are oversubscribed for this call, we may have to prioritize those who are presenting.
If you are from a Latin American country, please consider also applying for the Latin American Lichenologists GoFundMe Travel Award

Once demand has been assessed, we will be able to inform recipients about their awards. Recipients will receive a coupon code to use when they register for the conference.  Please do not register for the meeting until the awards have been announced, which we expect by the end of April.
The link to apply is here: