Lichen Taxon Dictionary

For more information see the Supplementary Notes for the Taxon Dictionary, which explains the names and synonyms, and these Instructions on how to use the online Taxon Dictionary which includes details of the Conservation Evaluation codes.
Count Name Authority Is Current Name? Current Taxon Name Synonyms BLS Number Comments Conservation Evaluation Group Account & Map
8941 Zwackhiomyces physciicola Alstrup (1993) Yes Zwackhiomyces physciicola 2566 NE NR LF Zwackhiomyces physciicola
8942 Zwackhiomyces sphinctrinoides (Zwackh) Grube & Hafellner (1990) Yes Zwackhiomyces sphinctrinoides Didymella sphinctrinoides 2277 NE NR LF Zwackhiomyces sphinctrinoides
8943 Zyzygomyces aipoliae Diederich, Millanes, F. Berger & Ertz (2022) Yes Zyzygomyces aipoliae 2829 on Physcia aipolia NE NR LF
8944 Zyzygomyces bachmannii (Diederich & M.S. Christ.) Diederich, Millanes & Wedin (2022) Yes Zyzygomyces bachmannii Heterocephalacria bachmannii; Syzygospora bachmannii 2239 on Cladonia spp. LC NR LF
8945 Zyzygomyces physciacearum (Diederich) Diederich, Millanes & Wedin (2022) Yes Zyzygomyces physciacearum Heterocephalacria physciacearum; Syzygospora physciacearum 2240 on Physcia spp., esp. P. adscendens & P. tenella LC NS LF
8946 Zyzygomyces physconiae Diederich, Millanes, P. Pinault & Brackel (2022) Yes Zyzygomyces physconiae 2830 on Physconia NE NR LF