Lichen Taxon Dictionary

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Count Name Authority Is Current Name? Current Taxon Name Synonyms BLS Number Comments Conservation Evaluation Group Account & Map
8881 Xenonectriella septemseptata (Etayo) Etayo & van den Boom (2014) Yes Xenonectriella septemseptata Pronectria septemseptata 2765 on Melanelixia subaurifera NE NR LF
8882 Xenonectriella streimannii (S.Y. Kondr., Coppins & D.J. Galloway) Rossman (1999) Yes Xenonectriella streimannii Pronectria streimannii 2367 NE NR LF Xenonectriella streimannii
8883 Xenonectriella subimperspicua (Speg.) Etayo (2017) Yes Xenonectriella subimperspicua Pronectria subimperspicua 2753 on Parmelia & Punctelia spp. NE NR LF
8884 Xerotrema megalospora Sherwood & Coppins (1980) Yes Xerotrema megalospora 1960 ? NT NR Sc IR F Xerotrema megalospora
8885 Xerotrema quercicola Coppins & Aptroot (2008) Yes Xerotrema quercicola 2518 NT NR E IR F Xerotrema quercicola
8886 Xylographa abietina (Pers.) Zahlbr. No Xylographa parallela 1532 LC
8887 Xylographa andrewii (Stirt.) Reding. (1938) No Geltingia associata 1943 LC NS LF
8888 Xylographa corrugans Norman No Xylographa vitiligo 1534 LC
8889 Xylographa laricicola Nyl. No Xylographa parallela 1532 LC
8890 Xylographa minutula Körb. No ? Xylographa parallela
8891 Xylographa parallela (Ach.) Fr. (1849) Yes Xylographa parallela Xylographa abietina 1532 LC Xylographa parallela
8892 Xylographa parallela f. alliptica Nyl. ex Cromb. [orth. error] No Xylographa parallela 1532 LC
8893 Xylographa parallela f. elliptica Nyl. (1879) No Xylographa parallela 1532 LC
8894 Xylographa rubescens Räsänen (1921) Yes Xylographa rubescens 2808 NE NR
8895 Xylographa spilomatica (Anzi) Th. Fr. No Xylographa vitiligo 1534 LC
8896 Xylographa trunciseda (Th. Fr.) Minks ex Redinger (1938) Yes Xylographa trunciseda 1533 LC NS Xylographa trunciseda
8897 Xylographa vitiligo (Ach.) J.R. Laundon (1963) Yes Xylographa vitiligo 1534 LC Xylographa vitiligo
8898 Xylopsora caradocensis (Nyl.) Bendiksby & Timdal (2013) Yes Xylopsora caradocensis Bilimbia caradocensis; Hypocenomyce caradocensis; Lecidea acutula; Lecidea caradocensis; Psora acutula; Psora caradocensis; Toninia caradocensis 576 LC Xylopsora caradocensis
8899 Xylopsora friesii (Ach.) Bendiksby & Timdal (2013) Yes Xylopsora friesii Hypocenomyce friesii; Lecidea friesii; Psora friesii 577 LC NS Xylopsora friesii
8900 Zamenhofia coralloidea (P. James) Clauzade & Cl. Roux No Porina coralloidea 1172 LC NS Sc L IR
8901 Zamenhofia hibernica (P. James & Swinscow) Clauzade & Cl. Roux No Porina hibernica 1178 NT NS P Eng WaL IR
8902 Zamenhofia rosei (Sérus.) P. James No Porina rosei 1671 NT NS X IR
8903 Zevadia peroccidentalis J.C. David & D. Hawksw. (1995) Yes Zevadia peroccidentalis 2273 LF Zevadia peroccidentalis
8904 Zhurbenkoa epicladonia (Nyl.) Flakus, Etayo, Pérez-Ortega & Rodr. Flakus (2019) Yes Zhurbenkoa epicladonia Arthonia epicladonia; Scutula epicladonia 2199 on Cladonia basal squamules NE NR LF Zhurbenkoa epicladonia
8905 Zignoella slaptonensis P.F. Cannon (1997) No Leptosillia slaptonensis 2869 NE NR F
8906 Zwackhia prosodea (Ach.) Ertz (2012) Yes Zwackhia prosodea Opegrapha prosodea 956 NT NS P Eng Wa IR Zwackhia prosodea
8907 Zwackhia sorediifera (P. James) Ertz (2012) Yes Zwackhia sorediifera Opegrapha sorediifera 962 LC L* Zwackhia sorediifera
8908 Zwackhia viridis (Ach.) Poetsch. & Schied. (1872) Yes Zwackhia viridis Opegrapha viridis 966 DD NS Zwackhia viridis
8909 Zwackhiomyces berengerianus (Arnold) Grube & Triebel (1990) Yes Zwackhiomyces berengerianus 2274 NE NR LF Zwackhiomyces berengerianus
8910 Zwackhiomyces coepulonus (Norman) Grube & R. Sant. (1990) Yes Zwackhiomyces coepulonus 2320 NE NR LF Zwackhiomyces coepulonus