Lichen Taxon Dictionary

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Count Name Authority Is Current Name? Current Taxon Name Synonyms BLS Number Comments Conservation Evaluation Group Account & Map
91 Acarospora smaragdula var. lesdainii (Harm. ex A.L. Sm.) H. Magn. No Myriospora smaragdula 25 LC
92 Acarospora smaragdula var. murina (Sandst.) H. Magn. No Myriospora smaragdula 25 LC
93 Acarospora smaragdula var. sinopica (Wahlenb.) A. Massal. No Acarospora sinopica 24 LC M*
94 Acarospora squamulosa (Schrad.) Trevis., non auct. brit. No Acarospora fuscata 10 LC
95 Acarospora squamulosa auct brit. No Acarospora macrospora subsp. macrospora 14 NT NR Sc
96 Acarospora squamulosa f. albomarginata (Cromb.) A.L. Sm. No Acarospora macrospora subsp. macrospora 14 NT NR Sc
97 Acarospora subfuscescens (Nyl.) H. Magn. (1935) Yes Acarospora subfuscescens Polysporina dubia; Polysporina lapponica auct. brit.; Polysporina subfuscescens 1559 LC NS Acarospora subfuscescens
98 Acarospora subrufula (Nyl.) H. Olivier (1900) Yes Acarospora subrufula 28 VU D2 NR P Eng Acarospora subrufula
99 Acarospora umbilicata f. congredians H. Magn. (1929) Yes Acarospora umbilicata f. congredians 29 LC NS Acarospora umbilicata f. congredians
100 Acarospora veronensis A. Massal. (1852) Yes Acarospora veronensis Acarospora discreta auct.
Acarospora magnussonii
30 LC NS Acarospora veronensis
101 Acarospora verruciformis H. Magn. (1924) No Myriospora scabrida 31 DD NR
102 Acarospora versicolor Bagl. & Carestia (1863) Yes Acarospora versicolor 2797 NE NR
103 Acolium inquinans (Sm.) A. Massal. (1853) Yes Acolium inquinans Cyphelium inquinans 474 LC Acolium inquinans
104 Acolium marcianum (B. de Lesd.) M. Prieto & Wedin (2016) Yes Acolium marcianum Cyphelium marcianum 1865 DD NR Sc LF Acolium marcianum
105 Acolium sessile (Pers.) Arnold (1885) Yes Acolium sessile Cyphelium sessile 1545 LF Acolium sessile
106 Acolium stigonellum sensu Mudd, non (Ach.) Gray No Acolium sessile 1545 LC NS LF
107 Acolium stigonellum (Ach.) Gray No Sphinctrina turbinata 1261 LC NS LF
108 Acolium tigillare (Ach.) Gray No Calicium tigillare 476 NT NR Sc
109 Acolium tympanellum (Ach.) Gray No Calicium inquinans 474 LC
110 Acremonium lichenicola W. Gams (1971) Yes Acremonium lichenicola 2374 NE NR LF Acremonium lichenicola
111 Acremonium pedatum Lowen (1989) No Pronectria anisospora 2171 anamorph of Pronectria anisospora LC NS LF
112 Acremonium rhabdosporum W. Gams (1971) Yes Acremonium rhabdosporum 2387 NE NR LF Acremonium rhabdosporum
113 Acrocordia alba (Schrad.) B. de Lesd. (1923) Acrocordia gemmata 34 LC
114 Acrocordia alba f. carnea B. de Lesd. (1923) Acrocordia gemmata 34 morph with pale pink perithecia LC
115 Acrocordia biformis (Borrer) Arnold No Anisomeridium biforme 48 LC
116 Acrocordia cavata (Ach.) R.C. Harris (1974) Yes Acrocordia cavata 32 DD NR Sc Acrocordia cavata
117 Acrocordia conformis (Nyl.) Hellb. No Anisomeridium biforme 48 LC
118 Acrocordia conoidea (Fr.) Körb. (1855) Yes Acrocordia conoidea Arthopyrenia conoidea 33 LC Acrocordia conoidea
119 Acrocordia epipolaea (Borrer) A.L. Sm. No Acrocordia conoidea 33 LC
120 Acrocordia gemmata (Ach.) A. Massal. (1854) Yes Acrocordia gemmata Arthopyrenia alba; Arthopyrenia gemmata 34 LC L* Acrocordia gemmata