Burgoa angulosa


Burgoa angulosa

Diederich, Lawrey & Etayo (2007)
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considered to be faculatively lichenicolous
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A basidiomycete fungus characterised by whitish bulbils with an irregular shape and an often angular surface, over growing epiphytic foliose and crustose lichens, bryophytes or algae. Similar to Burgoa moriformis but B. angulosa bulbils are internally composed of elongate, straight or curved, rarely ramified, septate hyphae, while those B. moriformis are an agglomeration of hyaline, subspherical, ballooned, smooth cells. Probably widespread but much under recorded. See link.

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Diederich, P., A. M. Millanes, M. Wedin & J. D. Lawrey. 2022. Flora of Lichenicolous Fungi, Vol. 1, Basidio­ mycota. National Museum of Natural History, Luxembourg, 351 pp. Link