Tayside Lichen Group

Area: Tayside ie within 25 miles of Dundee

Note: Fife Lichen Appreciation Group (FLAG) is nearby just to the south.

Members from Perthshire, Angus and Fife, regularly attend the meetings which are held fairly locally, usually within 25 miles of Dundee. Other lichen enthusiasts attend when they can. New people are most welcome to come along, irrespective of their level of knowledge.  By sharing knowledge, asking questions and keen observation, everyone can progress their identification of lichens. 

Field trips are usually held are held fairly locally, usually within 25 miles of Dundee. Trips are listed on the BLS event calendar.

Contact: Margaret Chapman on mgtlichenchapman@gmail.com

Facebook group: Tayside Lichen Group


The formation of the Tayside Lichen Group happened in 2017 mainly through the drive and determination of a lady called Sheila Brinkley who for number of years had introduced her friends to lichens whilst on day outings in Perthshire & Angus, short breaks to the west coast of Scotland and during trips abroad, particularly Scandinavia.

It was decided to form a local, informal beginners/improvers group that would meet monthly throughout the year with the purpose to study and improve identification skills of lichens. Even during the winter months when the weather prevents the group from meeting outdoors, it is able to continue by meeting in a local café where specimens are discussed and identified. Having access to specimens from the BLS herbarium which is based in the Barrack Street Collections Unit in Dundee is a huge bonus for this group, made possible because the curator of the collection, Richard Brinklow is an active member of the group.

We were saddened by the death of Sheila early in 2020, having reached a good age. Fortunately, Tayside Lichen Group has continued due to the enthusiasm of its participants.