Coul Links Second Application

Coul Links Second Application Called In

February 2024: The second application for a golf course on the internationally important lichen site at Coul Links has been called in by the Scottish Government after permission was given by Highland Council, giving hope that this application might still be turned down. See Tom Dargie's Facebook post for more details.

Council Decision on the 2023 Application

January 2024: Unfortunately Highland Council has again given planning permission, this time for a somewhat different golf course on the lichen rich sand dunes at Coul Links, South-East Sutherland, a protected site. The new course avoids previously identified lichen rich pockets but no lichen survey was made of the new course footprint, so there is no indication if this has less or more of an impact on the lichen interest. Now we are relying on the Scottish Government calling this in for a public enquiry as they did with the last application. NatureScot maintained its objection so ministers have to be notified but that doesn't mean it will be called in. There is a petition asking for a call in, which one can sign if you have a Scottish address.

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