Zoom meeting: Discussion: Young People and Lichens part 2 - open to all

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This is the second of three Discussion / Brainstorming Meetings on Yong People and Lichens - via Zoom open to BLS members and anyone interested.

organised by Judith Allinson for the BLS who writes:

"It is planned to have three such meetings on this topic via Zoom and we have arranged to hold the first two during "Lichens for All" month.

The date of the third meeting will be in Autumn (probably October).   We especially value young people's views

The first was held on Tue 9 August and was very stimulating. 

The second is Tuesday 23 Aug at 7pm. to 8.30pm.  We hope that people who missed the first can come to the second one.
The aim is to have brainstorming sessions on the following topics:

  1.  How to encourage interest and activity in lichenology amongst young people of all backgrounds, 
  2.  How the BLS can/might be able to assist the development of  young people in lichen skills.

By "young people" I am thinking of people between 7yrs and 35 yrs and "of all backgrounds" to be as inclusive as possible.
I will record the points from the discussions.

I hope the discussions will be useful to

a) People who want to encourage young people to be more interested in nature

b) Any young people who may come to this meeting, to answer their questions

c) People of the future in general - because the lichenologists of the future need to start training now!  It takes a few years to build up experience. 

d) The BLS, including council.

I hope that people will feel inspired to do something as a result of these discussions, but no-one is committed to carry out individual suggestions.

If you would like to know more, or cannot attend this second meeting but would like to attend the last one when it is planned (and even suggest a different night of the week) please let me know. At zoom-improvement@britishlichensociety.org.uk  

Zoom meeting.  When: Aug 23, 2022 07:00 PM London 
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