Shropshire: Intermediate level lichen course (LEAF-1)

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Training events
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Intermediate level 1 Lichen course (LEAF-1) 

Event type: Training event

Event duration: 4 full days

Start date: 9 am Thursday 12th September 2024

End date 6pm Sunday 15th September 2024

Location: Preston Montford Field Studies Centre, near Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 1HW. 

Tutor: April Windle

Local Organiser: Mark Stephens with assistance from Shropshire Lichen group.

Target audience: This course has been designed for people who have attended a Lichens for Absolute Beginners course with the BLS and who have been practicing lichen identification for a minimum of 12 months following completion. Applications will also be considered from people who have not attended a Lichens for Absolute Beginners course but who are confident that they have sufficient skills and knowledge. 

Aims The main focus will be on tutor supervised identification both in the field and in the laboratory, with a significant component in the laboratory. Supportive development of microscopy related skills is a key component of this course. These correspond to the ‘intermediate stage 1 skills’

By the end of this course participants will :

  • Have increased the number of lichen structures and lichens that can be identified in the field in different habitats and in the laboratory employing a structured approach, using the ID guides including Dobson and the Flora (LGBI2&3)etc, chemicals C & K , UV and microscopy.
  • Have gained confidence in the preparation of specimens and use of the compound microscope for ID. 
  • Improve understanding and identification of  different habitats/microhabitats
  • Be familiar with the BLS database and recording and environmental drivers of lichen distribution.

Methods: The methods will be based on participants working together  in the field and laboratory for ID work up under tutor direction; This will be supplemented by, tutor led whole group worked examples and a small series of lectures. Regarding microscope work, the more experienced participants and Shropshire based assistants will aid those with less experience. Participants should bring their own dissecting and compound microscopes if possible but microscopes can be provided if needed. 

Cost: The cost of the accommodation/meals package  at Preston Montford will be approx. £300. Once a place has been formally offered a contribution of £50-75 TBC towards teaching costs is required. Further information will be available.

Grants: For those who require financial support please refer to the grants section of the BLS website where such applications can be made to the Wallace-Burnet-Gilbert fund.

Application process: To apply for the course contact Mark Stephens, for an application form. Deadlines for submission of the completed application form is Sunday 17th December 2023.