Diversity and inclusion Statement

The BLS has adopted the International Association for Lichenology (IAL) Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Statement.

“The symbiotic nature and diversity of lichens have been historically a unifying theme for members of the International Association for Lichenology (IAL), yet challenges to appreciate and celebrate inclusive interactions and diversity among ourselves remain. Because the IAL believes that diverse voices, thoughts, and backgrounds allow us to be stronger and function more effectively, it is our commitment to 

  1. create and foster atmospheres, work environments, and interpersonal relationships that value the diverse backgrounds we all contribute to the IAL, 
  2. welcome and encourage the participation of all interested individuals in our association, 
  3. condemn and vigorously reject prejudice, stereotyping and/or any other form of discrimination wherever it is encountered in our profession, and 
  4. validate and support our members in their efforts to cultivate, advance and advocate for these ideas, regardless of the setting they are originating from. 

We ultimately strive to have an association where everybody feels welcomed and valued and where we celebrate our differences. Let’s model our interconnectivity as members of the IAL on mutualism, where everyone benefits from the synergy resulting from our interactions.”

For more information, and for the definitions of terms used in this statement, please see the IAL webpage at: https://ial-lichenology.org/diversity-inclusion/