Usnea cornuta s. lat.


Usnea cornuta s. lat.

Usnea ceratina var. incurvescens; Usnea inflata; Usnea intexta; Usnea intexta var. constrictula
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The dull grey-green thallus is usually erect and tufted, up to 6 cm long with the main branches to 1.5 mm diameter with branching at wide angles. Where the lateral branches join the main stem, there is a narrowing often with a white ring. There is no blackening at the base of the main stem. Small soralia and abundant isidia may cover areas on branches.


Chemistry: Medulla K+ yellow turning red and Pd+ yellow turning orange/red.

Similar species: Usnea flammea has a similar habitat but there is no narrowing of branches at the joints.

See also Fungi of Great Britain and Ireland


On mossy woodland and wayside trees, more rarely on siliceous rocks.

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To the west and south of Britain and Ireland.


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Text by David Brabban