Puttea duplex


Puttea duplex

(Coppins & Aptroot) M. Svensson (2017)
Fellhanera duplex
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General Description

Thallus inconspicuous on decaying mosses, small round apothecia (0.1-)0.15-0.2 mm diameter with a pale yellowish brown disk, with the margin similar or slightly darker. Asci 16- to 24-spored, with ascospores broadly ellipsoid, simple, (2.5-)3-4(-5) × 2-2.3 μm. On bleached decaying bryophytes on bark, more rarely on moss on limestone.

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Threats & Status

Only known from Britain and listed as an International Responsibility species, also listed as Notable by Sanderson et al (2018)


Sanderson, N. A. Wilkins, T., Bosanquet, S. & Genney, D. (2018) Guidelines for the Selection of Biological SSSIs. Part 2: Detailed Guidelines for Habitats and Species Groups. Chapter 13 Lichens and associated microfungi.  Joint Nature Conservation Committee 2018 https://hub.jncc.gov.uk/assets/330efebf-9504-4074-b94c-97e9bbdbe746