Gyalideopsis crenulata


Gyalideopsis crenulata

Coppins & Aptroot (2008)
Conservation Status
LC NR M* (Key)
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General Description

A small inconspicuous lichen only known from old metal mine sites in Wales and so far endemic to Wales


Thallus very thin, continuous, inconspicuous, forming a pale grey to brownish film on rock; hyphophores not seen. Apothecia emergent, 0.2-0.3 mm diam., brown-black, single, margin thick, crenate. Asci 8-spored. Ascospores 14-21.5 × 11-14.5 μm, ellipsoid, submuriform with 3 transverse septa and 1-2 longitudinal septa.

See picture: Fungi of Great Britain and Ireland


On rock (slate or pebble) in mines, e.g. in copper-rich places; rare.

Distribution Map
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Mine sites in central Wales

Threats & Status

Listed as Data Deficient in the 2010 Welsh lichen red list


Adapted from:

Coppins, B.J. , Giavarini, V. & James, P.W (2009) Gyalideopsis Vězda (1972). In:  The Lichens of Great Britain and Ireland (ed:  C. W. Smith, A. Aptroot, B. J. Coppins, A. Fletcher, O. L. Gilbert, P.W. James & P. A. Wolseley). London:  British Lichen Society.