Graphis pulverulenta


Graphis pulverulenta

sensu Leight., non (Pers.) Ach.
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This is one of the two most common species of the Graphis scripta s. lat. group, characterised by the widely open, often stellate lirellae, with the discs grey- to white-pruinose (see Neuwirth & Aptroot 2011, Kraichak et al. 2015). 


Thallus grey, white or usually pale yellowish-brown, uneven and cracked along the lirellae. Ascomata elongate, curved, often stellate, to 10 mm long and 0.15–0.4 mm broad; discs visible, conspicuously white- pruinose on mature ascomata; true exciple black or partly white-pruinose. Ascospores 7- to 12- (to 14)-septate, 15–56 × 5–12 μm, the lumina mostly lentiform, rarely rounded or angular in section. Thallus mostly K–, rarely K+ brown.

This is one of the two most common species of Graphis scripta s. lat.; it was considered by Neuwirth & Aptroot (2011) to be much more frequent than G. scripta s. str. in Europe, but this does not appear to be so in parts of Britain at least. Here it most frequent in more nutrient enriched lowland areas, with G. scripta s. str. dominant and G. betulina more frequent in more nutrient poor habitats. Characterised by the widely open, often stellate lirellae, with the discs grey- to white-pruinose, with well developed material resembling to Phaeographis dendritica, but this has wider and more open lirellae.


It is especially common on mature Fagus, Carpinus and Corylus trees in less acidic habitats.

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Widespread within the range of Graphis scripta s. lat., but possibly more frequent in the lowlands.


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Text by Neil A Sanderson based on Aptroot et al (2023)