Cladonia bacillaris


Cladonia bacillaris

(Ach.) Genth (1835)
BLS Number
chemical race of C. macilenta
General Description

Cladonia bacillaris is now regarded as a chemotype of Cladonia macilenta lacking thamnolic acid, therefore not giving the normal K+ yellow spot test of typical Cladonia macilenta (Pino-Bodas et al, 2021). See Cladonia macilenta for more details. 

The chemotype is still recorded by the BLS mapping scheme as it may be of ecological interest.


Distribution Map
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Pino-Bodas, R., Sanderson, N., Cannon, P., Aptroot, A., Coppins, B., Orange, A. & Simkin, J. (2021). Lecanorales: Cladoniaceae, including the genera Cladonia, Pilophorus and Pycnothelia. Revisions of British and Irish Lichens 19: 1-45. Link

Text by Neil A Sanderson based on Pino-Bodas et al (2021)