Arthonia patellulata


Arthonia patellulata

Nyl. (1853)
Conservation Status
NT NS P Sc (Key)
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General Description

A relatively recently discovered lichen found in the distinctive lichen assemblage found on Aspen in sub-oceanic Scotland, where it is found on the smooth bark of Aspen branches.


Thallus very thin, grey-white; photobiont chlorococcoid. Apothecia rounded, black, 0.3–0.7 mm diam.; epithecium grey-green to pale brown; hymenium 40–60 μm tall, grey to yellow-green, I+ red; hypothecium black. Ascospores 1-septate, 9–15 × 3–5 μm, colourless. Lichen products not known.

Probably a member of the Bryostigma clade according to Frisch et al. (2014).


On smooth bark of branches of Aspen and often closely associated with Myriolecis populicola.

Distribution Map
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Locally frequent, eastern Scottish Highlands (Cairngorms, N.E. Scotland). 

Threats & Status

A very localised species found in a specialised scarce habitat, Aspen stands in north east Scotland.

Britain: Near Threatened

Scotland: Priority Taxon for Biodiversity in Scotland


Cannon, P., Ertz, D., Frisch, A., Aptroot, A., Chambers, S., Coppins, B. J., Sanderson, N. A., Simkin, J. & Wolseley, P. (2020) Revisions of British and Irish Lichens Volume 1 August 2020 Arthoniales: Arthoniaceae. BLS

Frisch, A., Thor, G., Ertz, D. & Grube, M. (2014). The Arthonialean challenge: restructuring Arthoniaceae.
Taxon 63: 727–744.

Text by Neil A Sanderson, based on Cannon et al (2020)