Lichen Taxon Dictionary

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Count Name Authority Is Current Name? Current Taxon Name Synonyms BLS Number Comments Conservation Evaluation Group Account & Map
181 Alectoria pubescens (L.) R. Howe No Pseudephebe pubescens 1191 LC
182 Alectoria pubescens f. subciliata (Nyl.) D. Hawksw. No Pseudephebe pubescens 1191 LC
183 Alectoria pubescens var. reticulata (Cromb.) A.E. Wade (1959) No Pseudephebe pubescens 1191 LC
184 Alectoria sarmentosa subsp. sarmentosa (Ach.) Ach. (1810) Yes Alectoria sarmentosa subsp. sarmentosa Alectoria sarmentosa 41 NT NS Alectoria sarmentosa subsp. sarmentosa
185 Alectoria sarmentosa subsp. vexillifera (Nyl.) D. Hawksw. (1970) Yes Alectoria sarmentosa subsp. vexillifera Alectoria ochroleuca auct. p.p.
Alectoria ochroleuca var. cincinnata
Alectoria vexillifera
42 Often mistakenly reported as A. ochroleuca, especially outside the Cairngorm Region LC NS Alectoria sarmentosa subsp. vexillifera
186 Alectoria sarmentosa var. cincinnata (Fr.) Nyl. No Alectoria sarmentosa subsp. vexillifera 42 LC NS
187 Alectoria smithii Du Rietz No Bryoria smithii 198 CR B NR P Eng Sc Wa
188 Alectoria subcana (Nyl. ex Stizenb.) Gyeln. No Bryoria subcana 199 LC
189 Alectoria thrausta auct. brit. non Ach. No Ramalina chondrina 1696 VU D2 NR
190 Alectoria trichodes auct. brit. No Bryoria implexa 197 Ex
191 Alectoria vexillifera (Nyl.) Stizenb. No Alectoria sarmentosa subsp. vexillifera 42 LC NS
192 Alectoria vrangiana Gyeln. No Bryoria vrangiana Bryoria vrangiana (Gyeln.) Brodo & D. Hawksw., incorrectly reported from the British Isles
193 Allantoparmelia alpicola (Th. Fr.) Essl. (1978) Yes Allantoparmelia alpicola Parmelia alpicola 43 LC NS Allantoparmelia alpicola
194 Allarthonia lapidicola (Taylor) Zahlbr. No Bryostigma lapidicola 1700 name usually applied to what is now Arthonia fusca LC NS
195 Allarthonia lapidicola sensu auct. brit. No Arthonia fusca 64 LC
196 Allarthonia patellulata auct. brit. p.p. No Arthonia didyma 56 LC
197 Allarthonia patellulata auct. brit. p.p. No Bryostigma lapidicola 1700
198 Allarthonia phaeobaea (Norman) Zahlbr. No Arthonia phaeobaea 67 LC NS
199 Allographa ruiziana (Fée) Lücking & Kalb (2018) No Graphis ruiziana 531 LC NS Sc IR
200 Alysphaeria candelaris (L.) Turpin No Chrysothrix candelaris 354 LC
201 Alyxoria culmigena (Lib.) Ertz (2012) Yes Alyxoria culmigena Opegrapha betulina; Opegrapha herbarum 948 LC Alyxoria culmigena
202 Alyxoria diaphora (Ach.) Gray (1821) No Alyxoria varia 964 LC
203 Alyxoria mougeotii (A. Massal.) Ertz, Frisch & G. Thor (2014) Yes Alyxoria mougeotii Opegrapha mougeotii 952 LC NS Alyxoria mougeotii
204 Alyxoria notha (Ach.) Gray (1821) No Alyxoria varia 964 LC
205 Alyxoria ochrocheila (Nyl.) Ertz & Tehler (2011) Yes Alyxoria ochrocheila Opegrapha atricolor; Opegrapha ochrocheila 954 LC Alyxoria ochrocheila
206 Alyxoria paraxanthodes (Nyl.) Ertz & Coppins (2021) Yes Alyxoria paraxanthodes Opegrapha paraxanthodes 955 NT NR P Sc Alyxoria paraxanthodes
207 Alyxoria subelevata (Nyl.) Ertz & Tehler (2011) Yes Alyxoria subelevata Opegrapha subelevata 963 EN D NR P Eng Alyxoria subelevata
208 Alyxoria varia (Pers.) Ertz & Tehler (2011) Yes Alyxoria varia Opegrapha lichenoides; Opegrapha pulicaris; Opegrapha rimalis; Opegrapha varia 964 LC Alyxoria varia
209 Alyxoria viridipruinosa (Coppins & Yahr) Ertz (2012) Yes Alyxoria viridipruinosa Opegrapha viridipruinosa 2441 LC NS Alyxoria viridipruinosa
210 Alyxoria xerica (Torrente & Egea) Van Haluwyn & Cl. Roux (2020) Yes Alyxoria xerica Opegrapha xerica 1722 LC NS Alyxoria xerica