Lichen Taxon Dictionary

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Count Name Authority Is Current Name? Current Taxon Name Synonyms BLS Number Comments Conservation Evaluation Group Account & Map
8791 Zamenhofia rosei (Sérus.) P. James No Porina rosei 1671 NT NS X IR
8792 Zevadia peroccidentalis J.C. David & D. Hawksw. (1995) Yes Zevadia peroccidentalis 2273 LF Zevadia peroccidentalis
8793 Zhurbenkoa epicladonia (Nyl.) Flakus, Etayo, Pérez-Ortega & Rodr. Flakus (2019) Yes Zhurbenkoa epicladonia Arthonia epicladonia; Scutula epicladonia 2199 on Cladonia basal squamules NE NR LF Zhurbenkoa epicladonia
8794 Zwackhia prosodea (Ach.) Ertz (2012) Yes Zwackhia prosodea Opegrapha prosodea 956 NT NS P Eng Wa IR Zwackhia prosodea
8795 Zwackhia sorediifera (P. James) Ertz (2012) Yes Zwackhia sorediifera Opegrapha sorediifera 962 LC L* Zwackhia sorediifera
8796 Zwackhia viridis (Ach.) Poetsch. & Schied. (1872) Yes Zwackhia viridis Opegrapha viridis 966 DD NS Zwackhia viridis
8797 Zwackhiomyces berengerianus (Arnold) Grube & Triebel (1990) Yes Zwackhiomyces berengerianus 2274 NE NR LF Zwackhiomyces berengerianus
8798 Zwackhiomyces coepulonus (Norman) Grube & R. Sant. (1990) Yes Zwackhiomyces coepulonus 2320 NE NR LF Zwackhiomyces coepulonus
8799 Zwackhiomyces dispersus (J. Lahm ex Körb.) Triebel & Grube (1990) Yes Zwackhiomyces dispersus Stigmidium dispersum 2275 NE NR LF Zwackhiomyces dispersus
8800 Zwackhiomyces immersae (Arnold) Grube & Triebel (1990) Yes Zwackhiomyces immersae 2276 NE NR LF
8801 Zwackhiomyces lacustris (Arnold) Orange (2002) Yes Zwackhiomyces lacustris 2378 NE NR LF Zwackhiomyces lacustris
8802 Zwackhiomyces lecanorae (Stein) Nik. Hoffm. & Hafellner (2000) Yes Zwackhiomyces lecanorae Physalospora lecanorae 2152 NE NR LF Zwackhiomyces lecanorae
8803 Zwackhiomyces lithoiceae (B. de Lesd.) Hafellner & V. John (2006) Yes Zwackhiomyces lithoiceae 2688 on Placopyrenium fuscellum NE NR LF Zwackhiomyces lithoiceae
8804 Zwackhiomyces martiantianus (Arnold) Triebel & Grube (1990) Yes Zwackhiomyces martiantianus 2658 on Porpidia crustulata NE NR LF Zwackhiomyces martiantianus
8805 Zwackhiomyces physciicola Alstrup (1993) Yes Zwackhiomyces physciicola 2566 NE NR LF Zwackhiomyces physciicola
8806 Zwackhiomyces sphinctrinoides (Zwackh) Grube & Hafellner (1990) Yes Zwackhiomyces sphinctrinoides Didymella sphinctrinoides 2277 NE NR LF Zwackhiomyces sphinctrinoides