New OM -System Tough camera

Olympus  cameras, now rebranded OM-System, have brought out a new version of the Tough camera, the OM-System TG-7. The Tough cameras are popular among lichenologists due to their macro and focus stacking capabilities. These, together with the flash and LED diffuser attachments, make close-up photography relatively simple.

The new camera retains all the features of the TG-6; in fact, very little has changed in the new version, except for some cosmetic external changes and a revised USB charging port. While some reviewers point out the relatively dated technology found in the camera, especially when compared to smartphones and action cameras such as Go-Pro, the features of the Tough, not found in many other compact cameras, are  particularly suited to lichen photography.

The price of the new version of the Tough will be about ¬£500.