More details of the Intermediate Stage 2 course on epiphytic lichens

Intermediate stage 2: lichen course on epiphytic lichens 

Date: Friday 11th Oct (10.00 am.) - Monday 14th Oct (4.00pm)

Location: Nettlecombe Court, Somerset

Tutors: Pat Wolseley, Maxine Putnam and John Skinner

The aim of the course is to offer progression for intermediate stage lichenologists with a focus on identifying the epiphytic lichen communities of woodland.

The course will involve field and laboratory work. Attendees may bring specimens of their own. Microscopes will be provided but participants are welcome to bring their own microscopes. 

By the end of the course attendees should:

  1. Have increased the range of epiphytic lichens they can identify 

  2. Have a wide knowledge and appreciation of a community approach to studying lichens

  3. Be able to recognise microhabitats

  4. Have developed confidence in field and microscopy skills

  5. Feel confident to pass on their knowledge

Cost: The BLS will be covering the cost of the course but attendees are asked to arrange and pay for their accommodation (at full board) and for their own transport, with an additional £75 -£100 contribution towards the teaching costs.

Participants should not be discouraged due to costings and are encouraged to access the various grants available on the BLS website. For information on financial support please refer to the grants section of the BLS website.

Please contact  to register an expression of interest by 30th April 2024. If the course is over subscribed people will be notified and there will be an application process with the possibility of being on a reserve list.