Lichens and air quality exhibition in Somerset

Anyone in the vicinity of the East Quay arts and science centre at Watchet in Somerset, is welcome to see an exhibition about lichens and air quality, on until the end of August 2022 - event info.

This new exhibition, addressing the climate emergency, marks the start of East Quay’s long-term commitment to programming that explores a more positive, climate-conscious future. Put together by Kathy Hinde, Amy Howden-Chapman and Liv Torc, it includes films about lichens and a lichen display.  There is a screen connected to an active air quality monitor on the building.

Local lichenologist and BLS rep, Pat Wolseley, will be in conversation with Kathy Hinde on Thursday 21 July 2022 from 7pm to 9pm. Tickets cost £18.  The talk will make people more aware of lichens and the stories they can tell us.