British Lichen Society AGM Photo competition

We were really impressed with the response to the photo competition - thank you to everyone who entered. The different interpretations of the two themes  were as many and  varied as the lichens that were  photographed. The display of over forty photos really brightened the reception room for those of us attending the AGM weekend in person. Many thanks to Bill Unwin for organizing the competition.

The winners were:

Portrait of a lichen

Winner: Sylvia Davidson with ‘Diploicia canescens.

Runner up: Robert Kemp with ‘Lichen landscape’.

Lichens & friends

Winner: Chris Cant with ‘Lobarina scrobiculata with LF Plectocarpon scrobiculatae and Lobaria pulmonaria’.

Runner up: Peter Bisset with ‘No need for a handlens with telescopic eyes’.