British Lichen Society AGM Photo competition


Share your photos with fellow AGM attendees.

Many people take fantastic photos of lichens.

Help us to create a bright and interesting environment for our AGM by sharing your best photos with others.

We're even offering prizes for the best!

Lichen portrait

Lichen with friends

If you're willing to show one or two of your photos, and they fit one of the themes above, please send them as high quality files to (either directly or via WeTransfer).

Please name each photo file with 'Portrait' or 'Friends' and your chosen photo title.

The BLS will arrange for each photo to be commercially printed on matte photographic paper at 7 x 5 inches and pinned up for display with its title.

Competition winners will be selected by popular vote of those attending the AGM in person.

For those attending online, we will share a Dropbox folder so that you can admire the photos too.

Please make sure that photos arrive in time for printing – before midnight on 31st December.