BLS Aquatic Lichens course successfully delivered

The BLS Aquatic Lichens meeting was held in Cumbria, from 27th May to 1st June, with local leader Pete Martin and tuition from John Douglass, Andy Acton and Holger Thues and with everyone else pitching in their knowledge. Plenty of rarities were seen in the field including River Jelly Lichen, with Verrucariaceae needing examination back in the lab. As at the seaside, freshwater aquatic lichens are zoned with some usually submerged, some just occasionally inundated or splashed. The 15 participants hunted for the rosettes and crusts by sight and by feel, in the becks and on the lake edges, with water over the knees, through the overtrousers and into the wellies. Nothing spoiled the pleasure; even the heavy rain on two days added to the understanding of this important lichen habitat.