An Advanced course and a Level 2 Intermediate course

Preliminary notification :  Advance course on the Graphidion.

Gothamie Werakoon is planning to  deliver an advanced course on her specialist area of the Graphidiaceae lichens .

Dates: Friday 12th July- Sunday 14th July 2024

Location : Natural History Museum , London

Please email  to register your interest.


Preliminary notification :  Intermediate stage 2 course " Epiphytic Lichens "

Pat Wolseley,Maxine Putnam and John Skinner are planning to deliver a 4 day Intermediate stage 2 course  focusing on a range of epiphytic lichens using a  community approach.

Dates: Friday 11th Oct - Monday 14th Oct 2024

Location: Nettlecombe Field Centre, Exmoor

Please email  to register your interest.