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UK & Ireland

Fungi of Great Britain and Ireland -

Mike Sutcliffe's Photo Library -

Lichen Ireland -

Lichens of Ireland -

Irish Lichens -

Lichens of Wales -

Scottish grey literature -

Cumbria Lichen and Bryophyte Group -

Nature in the Yorkshire Dales (including lichens) -

A key to common lichens on trees in England - PDF

Europe and Scandinavia

Italian lichen keys -

Lichen Herbarium Photolibrary, University of Oslo -

Lichen Gallery: Leif & Anita Stridvall -

The Lichens of Greece -

North America

Lichens of North America -

Farlow Herbarium, Harvard -


Tropical lichens -

Tropical Lichens & other keys worldwide - (these keys are free and cover many areas with relevance for BLS based in or traveling to overseas locations)


Checklists of lichens worldwide - (Internet archive)

Checklist of lichenicolous fungi worldwide -

Lichen Study Courses

         (see also the BLS Events calendar for BLS workshops etc.)

Field Studies Council re lichen courses -…

Recording & Mapping

National Biodiversity Network -

NBN Atlas -, and for helpful documentation on using the Atlas

iRecord -

iSpot, a website aimed at helping anyone identify anything in nature -

Air Pollution

OPAL, the Open Air Laboratory project -

Encouraging lichens in the garden

A Likin' for Lichens -

Journals and Magazines

British Wildlife -

Related Organisations & Societies

Plantlife - uk.

The British Mycological Society -

Royal Society of Biology -

The Linnean Society -

The British Bryological Society -

International Association for Lichenology -


Recent Literature on Lichens -