Bulletin 117 - Winter 2015

Features and letters

  • Two overlooked but widespread crusts: Verrucaria obfuscans and V. ochrostoma - Mark Powell
  • Seasonality of ascospore production in two lirellate lichens: Alyxoria (Opegrapha) varia and Phaeographis dendritica - Allan Pentecost
  • Lichens on Betula in the Ural Mountains; relationships with bark acidity and element concentrations as indicators of geology and anthropogenic influences - William Purvis and colleagues
  • Current status of the genus Leptorhaphis in the British Isles - Begoña Aguirre-Hudson & Peter Earland-Bennett
  • Lichens on man-made substrates - Rajesh Bajpai & Dalip Kumar Upreti
  • Luffia ferchaultella – the moth in lichen clothing - Juliet Bailey
  • Lichenised leafhopper - Tom Jones
  • Lichen leaf miners - Jean Gagnon & David Richardson
  • My pet hate: combined locality names - Jack Laundon
  • I denounce: binomial nomenclature! - Alan Orange
  • Report: British Lichen Society Summer Vacation Scolarship - Frida Latif
  • Skills and knowledge for lichenologists - Sue Knight
  • Making the Small Things Count in Atlantic Woodlands in the South West - Pat Wolseley, Graham Boswell & Sally Eaton

Regular articles

  • British Isles List of Lichens and Lichenicolous Fungi. September 2015 update to list - Brian Coppins, Mark Seaward & Janet Simkin
  • Literature pertaining to British lichens - Brian Coppins
  • New, rare and interesting lichens - Chris Hitch
  • Book review - Begoña Aguirre-Hudson

BLS Field Meetings

  • British Lichen Society Field Meetings & Workshops Programme 2016 - Steve Price

Society business

  • Notice of the Annual General Meeting, Saturday 16 January 2016


  • Insurance cover for BLS local groups - John Skinner
  • New members
  • Publications and other items for sale
  • Membership matters