Bulletin 103 - Winter 2008

Features and letters
Taxonomists – an endangered species Tony Fletcher 2
A strategic approach to lichen identification Mike Sutcliffe & Katie Grundy 7
A wonderful time to be a lichenologist Ivan Pedley 8
Edmund Whymper and lichens Linda in Arcadia 9
Ethnobotanical use of Stereocaulon macrocephalum in Meghalaya S.R. Hynniewta & Y. Kumar 12
Raiders of the Lost Lichen strike gold Michael Viney 13
Observations on changes in the lichen flora of Bergen between 1971 and 2008 Pat Wolseley 14
Presentation of Honorary Membership of the BLS to Professor Per Magnus Jørgensen Pat Wolseley 17
Watchword – Lichens reach 100000 young people! Barbara Hilton 19
Lichen-Time in the Church Times Barbara Hilton 20
New Biosciences Federation report on learned societies and publishing Tony Fletcher 21
Kindrogan – a journey from complete to only partial ignorance Katie Grundy 22
Lichens of Nepal Expedition 2007 Louise Olley 24
Lichens as space travellers Paul Cannon 33

Regular articles
Churchyard news Ivan Pedley 35
Literature pertaining to British lichens – 43 Brian Coppins 39
New, rare and interesting lichens Chris Hitch 44
British Isles List of Lichens and Lichenicolous Fungi – September 2008 update
Brian Coppins, Mark Seaward & Janet Simkin 53

Field meeting reports
The Autumn Field Meeting 2007: Charnwood Forest Ivan Pedley 56
Field Meeting at Falmouth, West Cornwall Peter Lambley 73
Future meetings 2009-10 87

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2009 91
Report of the Data Committee – 2008 David Hill 94
Distribution Maps of Lichens in Britain & Ireland Mark Seaward 96
Report of the Education and Promotions Committee – 2008 Barbara Hilton 98
Report of the Field Meetings Secretary – 2008 Peter Lambley 101

New Publications 102
Articles for Sale etc. 103